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Sunday, August 15, 2010


You should never ask the mind why,when,how or where is your path to success for it does not know, Its job is to describe and experience that which is outside of the source.

It is the describer of the effect but can never know the cause for its job is to describe
everything which the source has created, not the origin of its manifestation, it cannot know, til the source and the mind become one and even then, the mind will still only describe that which is the effect and not the cause.  

The cause resides in stillness and is the gulf between that which is and that which is yet to become. That which is yet to be just is, The stillness knows, that which is yet to be and its myriad of manifestations it watches that which is yet to be and that which manifests for it is the recorder of manifestation, the documenter, the I before the manifested.  

Seek this stillness within the form and obtain the will of the source.