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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The First Alchemist " The Sun"

Here we go,

This week I was coming across some very interesting stories, honest, very honest people , 
who said that when they died they had seen a lake of fire or a portal of fire and
there where people going into these lakes and portals of fire and this possibly created alot of fear for many people and so the source  sent me with this knowledge in order to rectify this misunderstanding of what those who died had seen and for those who will die and may see the same thing.

When a person dies they leave this earthly realm I am sure we all agree on that, no more earthly clothing. the soul is not from this physical realm, the body is bound to this frequency while the soul is not. It is bound and made of a different cloth that is why it doesn't perish once the agreement is made for both aspects to separate. If the soul was made of the same thing as the physical body then the soul would literally cease to exist,but it does not it continues because it is of another realm not bound by the rules of this realm. when total seperation is achieved.
In order to be born on this plain and to be upon this planet a soul must acquire the vibration of this galaxies resonance the only way to do thAt is 
by the sun. A soul must pass through the sun and gain this galaxies resonance before it can be born here. trust me I know it sounds crazy but it's the truth. Our sun is bound to our galaxy in order to manifest on this planet you have to go through the central fire.Our sun is the vibrational matrix of these worlds bound to it and depending upon what ray of vibration you come through depends on what planet, what element, what plant, and what species you manifest as here.
An egg and a sperm are just doorways which open to a soul being capable of experiencing  physicality. Take it or leave it folks there is no hell on the otherside waiting for you what you are seeing when you die if you are on your way back here or on your way there are souls preparing to be born here.the lake of fire the realms of fire are the sun and its different rays of clothing the soul to be born here. The fear is doing everything it can to stay with us its time to move on and let it go. it's time for peace on earth and good will towards all mankind. 

Love and Peace