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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Key Shade

Fear is going to do and try everything it has to throw at us every possibility of seperation because we are changing and leaving the old ways of a fear based system. Love do not fret help where you can but when you help instill that it is the fear that keeps this present design existing and shift them ever so gently into your hearts knowing-The Source

There is a price

With every new understanding comes a terrifying reality that a part of you is dying,  
This part for this exercise is something that has made you believe that without it everything 
you know will turn upon you, so I say this for the layman and the adept who may need to hear this.

There is a price
Your fear began its ascent into death when you started this journey and each and every time you look from the source and not from the mind  a part of that aspect becomes weaker as the knower settles upon its mantle within  you. It is and always has been you. How can it be seperate? It can not for you are the reason it is and it is called the source and you are the reason it is able to know, without the experiencer there is little if any reason to be.

Your experience your evolving is the reason this is for the sake of a better term Divine.

Can you let go of the war within so that war can end here? Can the warrior say no more and lay down his and her weapons for tomorrows beauty. Can you see that fear is just a tool to the knowing of love unconditionally and therefore set it aside to become the true you.
There is a price
The price for what you are being taught here is your fear. In return you gain the will of the source which is your true birthright literally. 

I know it is hard to swallow to be told there is nothing to fear but fear itself,  for you have used this tool very well you are a master at its design. It's time to be still and remember what you really are if you so choose to.