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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gods talk with the Adams precursory manifestation

There will come a time when you will say to me I want to be as you are and I will say first we must create an experience where you can have the experience of not being next to me because first you must understand what it is like to be without me and come to terms with the knowledge of me not being with you even though I can never be without you nor you without me.

You must first experience everything I am not and come to the realization that I am that as well. You must also come to the terms with the fact that I am you and that there is no seperation between us how could there be when what you are is clothed by me and animated by me but I will cause you to forget so you can find me and become like me.

You must come to terms with the understanding that if I am omnipotent and without flaw then you must be as well but you do not know what a flaw is so we must seperate for some time til you understand what a flaw is and therefore can come to terms that you are also flawless.

You must come to terms in knowing that you are never alone and I am always present but you do not know what being alone is so we must seperate for some time so you can understand what being alone is and realize that it could never be.

You must come to terms that if I am love then you are love but you do not understand what love is so for now we must seperate so you can understand what love is not.

And unfortunately but necessary your desire to be as I AM, to walk by me, to converse and understand that which I understand is such that I have to allow you to walk away from me in every manner of experience til you realize that I am going nowhere without you and once you have realized what we are truly then we will walk together in total understanding of what I AM truly means.