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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Refinement Of Tao

An Exchange of Thanks and Updates
Once again it is Tai Chi Adept and CEO Eric Randolph sending out an update on The Tao Applied llC and what we have been up to.
For the past year we have been working with Grogan/Graffam Lawfirm for assisting
them with our patented Tai Chi,Yoga ,and Massage Therapy Package. I am proud to say we have finally partnered with their lawfirm .
Because of our great results with Grogan/Graffam Lawfirms associates, we have also been asked to come and begin negotiating a contract with
The Allegheny Conference in hopes of partnering with them as well.
We at The Tao Applied llC like our clients to try us on for size first and see if we make a great fit to their agenda.It takes about a year of negotiating time and space to come out with a definitive plan of what consistently works for associates and their firm.
We hope to expand even more so throughout the tri state area of pittsburgh throughout the years end and into 2012, We have a new member to our team for online support and as our expansion increases we will be hiring more people as well as looking for more clients overseas.As you may already know we have a few clients overseas assisting with our online live classes in Saudi Arabia William Shakir and his family have really been outstanding in their support as well as tutelage in Tai Chi. They have also assisted in translating our flyers into arabic so that we can reachout further into the middle east spreading balance and harmony. We also have Eric Repka who was our client in Korea but is now moving to Japan and is going to help us with expansion into Japan. We are very excited about tomorrows prospects and hope that all of you will continue to support us and be with us once our company becomes a global household name.
We are still in the pittsburgh area assisting students down at The Frick Fountain and people at their homes as well, so if there is a need to start getting healty from the inside out, please do not hesitate to start learning tai chi or taking on one of our patented packages.We will meet you where you can get the best benefit.
We also have some really great blogs going on that you ight like to partake in. One of them is The Refinery Of Tao it is just one of the few blogs that cater to a specific niche that many enjoy please feel free to look around and if you feel up to it guest blog on it and link your site.
CEO Eric Randolph