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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Tao Applied Practical Acupressure Points

Any Type Of Headache or Migraine Caused by Toothache or The Grinding Of The Teeth Acupressure Points.

I used to have really bad headaches and migraines because of grinding my teeth while i was sleeping and I would wake up with blood in my mouth.I also started very early losing my teeth.Some by playing to rough but most just started to decay especially after I became vegetarian and i also hated the dentist totsally terrified of the occupation because of needles don't like them any where near through meditation and the strengthening of my will I was able to map the points that got me to my current aspect of being pain free both from headaches and migraines to toothache and more. 

Right at the top of the main artery leading to the brain in the neck going towards the back is a meridian point known as Triple warmer 17 press this point slightly inward and upward gently or to desired effect you will feel the lymph nodes in your neck on either side of your throat (the ones that get swollen when you get sick)release a chemical into your mouth swallow it. This will take about a couple of seconds but its very very fast the headache will start to ease up or migraine. For those of you who have the awareness of chi. You then to end all pain coming from that experience go to the middle of your forehead at the place most people call the third eye point take your middle finger and gently send your awareness to it and draw out the pain from the rest of your head using this point charged in the finger with the awareness known as chi you will start to feel this weird sensation of the migraine being drawn out of the body by your hand brushing this point and drawing it away from your body.

Headaches and Migraines caused by differentiation in blood pressure are eased by pressing the point of the radial nerve in the hand. Most of the time a circular up and inward pressure helps to relieve faster but most of the time all you will need to do is apply firm pressure to the point.

Upper Back and Chest Pain 

When it comes to these meridians when working upon students I have found these points to really help with the releasing of the back and chest armor people create from holding in their negative emotions and not releasing the stress and negative emotions.  

Large Intestine 16 on the back slightly underneath the shoulder blade

Stomach 13 on the left side of the pericardium and slightly above like half a fingers width. In conjunction with
LI 16 or at the same time circular gentle rubbing with the index finger will start to immediately release the armor effect.Engage pressure according to person. These will release the mid back muscles 

Use pinching method along the sides of the brachial plexus or main artery within the neck the point within the artery will release the chest muscles 

repeat as necessary or find a doctor as soon as everything is ok.Find the source of the problem.
 You will also find with these points because of the way your muscles are you might have to change slightly the way you press upon your points you do not want to cause pain or should I say damaging pay which causes more stress but a releasing pain is always good.

Love and Peace

TaijiAdept Eric Randolph


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