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Monday, August 30, 2010

The 5th key "Vampirism" = Exhaustion within relationships The true enemy revealed!

When a being decides to join with another it is critical that this being understands and implements the various Keys mentioned here. When we were born we became energy sponges. We absorb and learn not only behaviors, but also energy. 

If you have children, are surrounded by children or are in any type of really close relationship with someone, you may have noticed that every time the child or person is exhausted you start to immediately become exhausted and they then instantly start to perk up.

For children this is an important part of growing and understanding the world energetically as a whole. However, after awhile, if a parent doesn't teach the child proper personal dynamics so that they can understand how to gain source energy of their own accord, without having to gain it through another person, this becomes  a severe problem later on in life. Meditation, yoga, tai chi and any exercise which causes the body to create energy of its own accord is how the body creates its own power source. Without knowledge of the source within even this energy will not be enough in certain instances.

 Ever been so hungry and in such a starved state that you didn't care what you ate or where the nutrients came from? Well, if proper creation of energy is not taught, then  one resorts to gaining energy  by having an argument or a fight. The anger creates an adrenaline rush hence giving the body energy but it also causes severe stress upon the emotional body and the relationship. 

Unfortunately, most of us don't even realize what we are doing and the act of looking for new sources of energy becomes an addiction whenever we are exhausted. We tend to  immediately find a better way of obtaining the energy needed to keep the mind clear and the ego in check. When you are starving energetically you can't help but use the lower nature. The lower nature is supposed to kick in it is part of the survival instincts within the mind and form.This gives birth to  Vampirism. 

 There are various forms of energetic vampirism;  from verbal arguments to physical abuse to emotional manipulation, infidelity, you name it. Energetic starvation is the cause of all this. We are energetic beings and we need energy of all types but we've learned, unfortunately or fortunately, how to obtain energy from outside of ourselves. It is easier to manipulate another in any way possible according to the lower nature in order to obtain energy.

When you are not living from your source energetic, you get locked into believing that you are the body. So the body says to you, "we need energy from some place here outside of ourselves." Why? It's because the mind is here and you are asking it,"Hey where is my energetic source? "  The mind hindered by the ego because of its self defining things here, gains energy from this physical reality not from within, the true source, The Source within. 

This is one of the many causes for A Keys manifestation. If you are at war with anyone find out first where the lack of energy is. You both want something and both need it. For some reason and the "war" is happening because of this lack from within but, without the sight and training to go within to get the energy from the source, you will both continue to fight against one another because you both seek for survival from each other's energy source and when you're starving who cares how you get it or what form it make take just get it. Sound familiar?

Since neither of you understand how to gain energy from your source, you will not even be able to give it properly. This is the other sacred reason for having  children because you learn how to give and withhold energy at the right moments, how to give it from yourself properly in love unconditionally and how to with hold it so you can teach your child how to gain energy from within. 

Yes, children,whether they be ours or a friend's or family member's,teach us to love unconditionally but we never take it any further than that. Children challenge you to seek for more energy within. If a parent is wise they start taking better care of themselves because they know the children need their energy.

Sometimes however, the parent or guardian may use someone else to give the children  energy which could gives rise to vampirism. Worse still, the parent may  use the child's energy in order to survive thus draining the child and hence teaching the child how to drain and use others.

 Now adepts remember this is  not a malicious thing. It is a part of the journey. You can not learn how to seek the source within, without understanding what the source is not. "So relax; laying blame is not the answer,and never is". Fix yourself first, then assist with further understanding to the others, who are still searching blindly and not knowing  where to find themselves. It ALL has purpose and is PERFECT in its design. If the adept finds themselves in a place of emotional judgement of another they should read the previous statement over and over again until they get it clearly. No this is not easy but it is worth it or you wouldn't have decided to manifest.