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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hello My name is Eric randolph and I am the CEO of the Limited Liability Corporation The Tao Applied many of you know me as friend, associate, teacher and I am really proud to talk with all of you today about our latest things going on. The Tao Applied has clinched contracts with Grogan/Graffam Lawfirm & has been working with them for about a year now & we have also obtained recently the beginning of relationships by being a success in G&G Lawfirm to another Major Corporation within the greater pittsburgh area in hopes of securing another well organized Stress Management and Corprorate Lifestyle Enhancement Package but even with this I must say our greatest success has been with our individualised students,we have from all walks of life people training with us in our Oakland and Bloomfield areas and we have had very significant success with them including securing 5 gold medals within The Open Martial Arts Tournament last year,, to students overcoming long time ailments of Particular Psychiatric Psychosis, ADD and ADHD, Panick Attacks and all the way to Carpel Tunnel. These successful individuals who I purposefully have remained anonymous out of respect for their privacy have not only shown that our branch of tai chi is truly leading this old but new frontier of tai chi and its abilty to heal and regenerate a persons life. These students who shall one day become teachers will be great agents of healing for the global community.Many if not all of them will specialise in teaching tai chi to the people who have similar health difficulties as they had and they will show the world that tai chi has helped them and given them back their health and inspiration towards life, propelling mankind into a new perspective of a realisable hope to end all sickness throughout the world. We want to acknowledge these new pioneers of the advanced healing taking place through them that is spreading like many practitioners of our art tend to focus solely on the martial aspect of fighting we tend to hold up the healing aspect and showing the practicality of doing tai chi properly and how it is through this understanding of "The Grand Ultimate Boxing" that healing takes place on a major scale and that with it preventing pain and suffering is capable. We at The Tao Applied look forward to showing and proving the healing abilities of tai chi to the world by working with others to improve their lifestyles and proving how life quality both externally and internally should be the global families number one priority. We thank you for giving us the chance to connect and communicate to all of you. Ceo Eric Randolph