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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is The Source.

Ok so now we understand what we have to do but we start asking ourselves well what is The Source.
So here it goes, the hard to swallow pill. imagine that before you decided to be where you are today there was an alignment that resonated with the place you are now but it was unhindered by a physical realm and it was totally omnipotent and for a lack of a better word perfect but it had nothing to gage its perfection to, hence the physical realm.
This aspect so densely clothed with alignments of physicality that this particular perfected alignments resonance is kind of hard to sense here without the proper tools. When you listen and observe here you pick any alignment you sense the most of. We are here physically so we resonate strongly with this alignment but the source is much more subtle than this so it is harder for us to align here. 
So we invent different mental alignments so we can listen with better accuracy to the source. Such as prayer and meditation, for The Source is the perfection of life involvement and evolution. It is where you are your best without effort, this is the understanding of A 2nd Key. 
We usually clothe the merging of the subconsciousness and the consciousness with mystery because as a people most of the time we don't want to do the work so we call this merger things like synchronicity, luck, the wise voice within, dare I say it coincidence but these are all abstract perceptions of the subconscious mind and the conscious mind becoming one. Bridging the knower and the present experience.

The Misconception of focal meditation

So hear we are we're trying to sit or stand and clear our mind by focusing on one thing like a candle or a point somewhere on a wall so that everything else disappears and only that one thing exists in the mind.
But have you noticed you are using the mind to be focused on one thing. This is the reason A Key was created, the conscious mind isn't going to tell you anything more than the exact definition and dimensions of what you are looking at.
It will not get you to the legendary aspects of meditative skill, it will cause you to become so fixed upon what is outside of yourself that you forget to look inside and you continue with a renewed vigor on attaching yourself to objects outside of yourself.  
Now for those of you who have mastered this skill. If you have a project due or some tedious work to get done or you need detail within a given physical subject this meditation is perfect but this meditation is for work here and is rightly named focusing meditation. 
Its job is to define reality as we see the effect of the source at a heightened aspect and is a point upon the sphere it does not give you the great key which is  the reason A key was given. A Key gives you the understanding of all the meditations and what their true purpose is and you can see from A Key meditation how it all fits together and how other journeyman have gotten caught and fixated within describing what they see very well but not being in harmony with the manifesting forces of life.  
The mind is a part of the outer most sphere the emotions and all the senses belong to the densest part of this realm. A key takes to the place just before this so you can sit back and observe and align yourself in the way you choose. Now for those who know you are always aligning yourself in this way you are just not consciously aware that you are doing this.  
That's what The Secret is about and Abrahim and Hicks and the Dr. Dwayne Dyers are all talking about.  
Finding ways to get to The Source. This A Key is The physical key that goes directly to the source. Try it out and prove me wrong. I double dare you. 
Lol. Now remember follow everything to the letter but even if you do not do not despair you are just fine none the less.

The Tao Applied: The Misconception of Meditation and Why this is th...

The Tao Applied: The Misconception of Meditation and Why this is th...: "Usually when we think about meditation, we think about escaping. Today I hope to clearly address this type of false meditation technique and..."

The Misconception of Meditation and Why this is the Meditation for You.

Usually when we think about meditation, we think about escaping. Today I hope to clearly address this type of false meditation technique and why the technique i have described to you within this blog is truly the type of technique you should be using and not the others. The first mindset we have here is in direct conflict with everything we are. 
We try to convince ourselves that we are not the co creator within this experience this present happening within  life.This is good though because you have to set up this type of understanding so that when it fails you.  
 You will have to dissect it and take what is good about this practice and what is not. This type of mindset happens in the journeyman who is without a formal teacher and is searching within  for the answer but hasn't taken the steps of responsibility of understanding that we are the creators of our reality.
  From what clothes we wear, to what food we eat, to what type of family dynamic we have, to what type of work dynamic we have. We get to choose every second of the day how we wish to interact with one another as well as with ourselves.
Most of the time when we use a meditation and certain results fail. we usually throw away the whole meditative process we went through and start completely over. This is the long way of learning if you have started meditation ever and stopped.  
It does not mean the meditation failed it may have been imperfect, but it was not a failure. The factor you even considered meditation as a form of understanding gives you kudos, Instead of going to pills or just ignoring the issue till it's so bad and destructive it manifests all types of disease. 
 if you have ever considered meditation that makes you a winner, even if it was for less than a second.
The fact that you decide to look within to try and take responsibility and to not try to manipulate others, to be able to see that the one who needs to change is you and to hold yourself responsible at any time is phenomenal, in this present moment. 
At any time when we see someone attempting this it brings joy for it takes a lot of emotional and mental maturity just to get here and there are more than enough who turn away from meditation because they feel it has to be a certain way and it does, 
 but not the way most people think. The first meditation experience readies you for responsibility and gets you in touch with your inner self. It may not discover the stillness but it does get you started in the right direction. To not escape but to understand our present reality from within, to become one with the cause so to become one with its effect.