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Friday, August 27, 2010

A 4th Key Marriage "The cultivation of Sexual Tenacity and Intimacy"

Some would think these key practices to be one sided and think that they only work for those wishing for enlightenment but we are here to talk to you about one of the most enlightening experiences you can have Sex and the making of it.
Go to the 2nd Key with your partner and at this time work together on this skill but instead of being in separate places, face one another with eyes relaxed and looking into one another. Do not mind being serious or if it gets silly, allow what ever manifests to happen because as you practice this you both will fall into one another and the manifesting of energy from that, will be what is needed to propel your relationship to greater heights. 
Breathing as one, try not to break eye contact but its OK if you do. Be gentle and kind to one another during these practices. It is important for both partners to be accepted for who they are. As you look into each others eyes remember to stay focused upon your 2nd key practice. Continue lightly with one another with this practice and allow what naturally develops to grow between you both and as you watch it grow continue to do so Together. Remember it is important to be accepting of one another within this space for this space is the merger of two source energies. The true meaning of Marriage. Allow the tingling sensations and the pulling sensations to work themselves out naturally in the abdomen, each partner detached from judgement, fully giving to each others need of the present moment in stillness together.  
As the emotions pour out of each other remember to stay focused on the practice but if needed take a break and just do what comes naturally. Many things will manifest inwardly and outwardly as you merge deeper and deeper into becoming one, communicate with one another the experience, listen to one another, 
 feel the subtlety of your partner and adhere to one another while relaxed breathing as one each touch gentle and sensitive and responsive as if not knowing where the one begins and the other ends.  
Note the touching can be mental and emotional it does not have to be physical. All aspects should be explored together and openly if possible.

This is one of the most difficult keys to master. Merging two energies as one is a long and arduous task of cultivating the art of relationships and all of its myriad of manifestation. 
Love and Peace