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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Source

Do not be angered when your prophets and kings and Idols fail you. It is their job to get you where you wish to be and then leave you.

Their failure to allure you further is a blessing. You were never meant to put them upon pedal stools and worship them.

Be forever thankful to the ones you manifest who get you where you need to go and then leave you to make your own way.

The flaws of the teacher are supposed to be there so you do not start worshiping again.

Since the beginning whenever an adept was sent to teach from you amongst yourselves, about your inherent sovereignty, the people bowed down and stopped working for themselves, waiting to be saved waiting to be lead like cattle. You are not cattle!! All of creation is the shepherd.

Praising the teacher no matter how much the teacher said do not praise me do not bow before me do not create any alters in my name nor any idols in my name,We are brothers and sisters.

Thank all adepts who lead you and then FAIL your highest expectations for the adept in favor of your sovereignty knows your weakness knows you will fall to your knees at the drop of a hat if they show anything greater than what you can do yourselves at that present moment.

But if you should find yourself angry with an adept for showing you your disillusionment and it lead you back to searching within for the source then good for you and many blessings to that adept.

If you have to DEPEND upon a savior, An adept,A teacher, someone other than yourself to reach me better to be lost til you find me within you.

For All Adepts in all states of perfection and imperfection The light and the dark adept serve the source so that you and only you can find me in your own imperfect yet perfect way WITHIN.
We as alchemists must be careful that we are not being selfish with our energy. This is the reason a partner may want or need to vampire off of the other as if you are sharing bodies and decide just because you can control your energy more not to give fully. This can quickly turn the alchemist into a vampire. Even the alchemist can get caught by their own demons, so watch yourself diligently. If you decide to share anything with another, make sure you are agreeing on what you are sharing because what they may want to have of yours, may not be what you wish to give. And from the door the alchemist should be open with what he or she wishes to gain from the relationship, no matter what relationship it may be. The alchemist must be careful that they are not the cause of the suffering for another by promising something in the end, but addressing alchemist's needs immediately because of the other being so much lower in skill. For instance, I know a being wants something I have and I am willing to share what they have, but I am not willing to give them what they want, yet I still take from them what they wish to give.
Now in the laws of skill we could say it is of no matter whether we share knowledge or energy fairly but then I have to ask myself: "what am I being locked out of by not sharing in a way that is beneficial for the both of us?" The alchemist must find something equal in wealth according to the other so that the other does not feel as if they need to thief from the alchemist to balance the exchange. This not only destroys the vampire but upgrades the vampire to an alchemist