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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The 2nd key video


This video focuses upon the physical alignment properly needed in order to access the source.
This is especially important for those who are not really good at taking instruction via through a letter
that can be very difficult  for those still struggling with the written. So we have created a video that's only 20 minutes long, to assist you through the basic instructions of the 2nd key. If there are any questions please ask via my email and I will answer promptly. We are trying to keep cost low for everyone. We want everyone to benefit from this and We hope we have done a good enough job to get the message and the practice through. Please send reviews on the blogsite so we can make corrections on the next vid and also so we can keep coming out with improvements that assist everyone with this understanding of A Key.

 Thank You,

 TaijiAdept Eric Randolph