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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What is The Source.

Ok so now we understand what we have to do but we start asking ourselves well what is The Source.
So here it goes, the hard to swallow pill. imagine that before you decided to be where you are today there was an alignment that resonated with the place you are now but it was unhindered by a physical realm and it was totally omnipotent and for a lack of a better word perfect but it had nothing to gage its perfection to, hence the physical realm.
This aspect so densely clothed with alignments of physicality that this particular perfected alignments resonance is kind of hard to sense here without the proper tools. When you listen and observe here you pick any alignment you sense the most of. We are here physically so we resonate strongly with this alignment but the source is much more subtle than this so it is harder for us to align here. 
So we invent different mental alignments so we can listen with better accuracy to the source. Such as prayer and meditation, for The Source is the perfection of life involvement and evolution. It is where you are your best without effort, this is the understanding of A 2nd Key. 
We usually clothe the merging of the subconsciousness and the consciousness with mystery because as a people most of the time we don't want to do the work so we call this merger things like synchronicity, luck, the wise voice within, dare I say it coincidence but these are all abstract perceptions of the subconscious mind and the conscious mind becoming one. Bridging the knower and the present experience.

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