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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The absence of Fear The Last Key!

It is of no consequence to the source of  how you interpret what is resonated. Nor does it give importance to whom you follow. It is ALL the source. There is no need for argument on who is right or wrong. I am all things. Both the sky and the ground which you stand on. The plate and the rag which you clean it with. I am the victim and the perpetrator . The disease and The cure.The villain and the hero. All these things I am and more. Your sun and your famine. Your God and your devil. I am the thirst and the water yet to be its quencher. These things all exist because of me and are an integral part of understanding the principles to creating and how to become an experienced creator. As you war over what I am you get to learn how to create in a destructive fashion and how to create the aspect of healing and giving birth on all aspects and realms, from the mental, to the emotional, to the physical,these are all me and you together experiencing. You must come to understand how to create with skill and the only way to do that is by experiencing everything and making choices on what you want and do not want to experience. I am that which I am,And will become whatever you want me to be so that you can be thorough with your understanding of how to create and in the knowing that you are the conscious creator here and now. You War with one another to know me. You Love with one another to know me. You peace with one another to know me. I am You. No this is not a poem, it is a truth. Ask yourself, from  where did the atoms come from? From where did the elements come? From. From where did the molecules come from? From where did space come from? From where did the planets and the sun come from? From where did the breathe of life animated come from and to what does it cling to once it has left manifestation so that it can continue to exist. If you are looking from the most outermost experience you can see me within nature within all spaces of natural life. you can alter nature to mask itself as something else like plastics and computers but all those come from me as well. your cars, your planes, your buildings, you factories. your nuclear your atomic your hydrogen. I am willing to give you everything even to see US as separate so that you can truly experience being a creator. A singular entity with the ability to make that which is unseen become seen. To experience physicality but know this child, as you look out into your spaces and experiences and see me know that I am also you within the soul which you call me the source which is what I am. So what are you waring for lay down your anger and your hate for one another because I am all of you and all of this within and without. It cannot go on without me and it is All eternal for sake of a better word of no longer have to feel alone you no longer have to dominate one another to find substance within yourselves, you no longer have to war over resources or a reapplying of the source. I am and We are the resource and I am the source. Your infinite and eternal self. All the prophets that you follow speak of me and interpret as best the can the Me in you.  They are all correct and they all fall short of what all of you on earth and throughout all existence truly are. Stop and be still. Listen for me within A key or where ever you my find me. I am all things. Really "All things". There is no need for anymore wars, Ever. Not a need to experience more famine anywhere, ever. No more need for anymore  death anywhere ever. Unless you choose to continue with Fear. This text is for you. From you and To you in truth about US as we truly are. Let go of your FEAR. It is no longer needed.

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