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Saturday, September 4, 2010

AddressingThe Adept

We have left this key because of you and for you, because you asked for this from within. When a call or a resonating frequency is strong enough its like is reflected unto your world. It is the sum total of the best of you at this present moment, lessening the gulf between the knower and the experiencer also known as The source and the conscious being. It is also the same for its opposite. The Key is from all of you. From every child in poverty any child without the knowledge of the source is in poverty, thus no need for a hell, you create those fine enough for yourselves. The path has been cleared enough to take the next step. The technology has become and is a fully realised principle Here and Now. This Key, IS,  The Way, Here. Practice the meditation and prove us wrong. or do not and prove us right. A Video is being created to show the right way of doing the meditation, for all of those in need of a visual tool. It should be accessible in the upcoming days.

Love and Peace

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