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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tai Chi "The How To Aspect of Defeating Pain and Disease"

We are at a starting point of a person who has done the 2nd and third key and are along the way of being capable of sensing the chi throughout their whole body. In order to defeat dis-ease a person Will become consciously aware that they created the alignment for the dis-ease to perpetuate within the body and therefore if they created it then it can be uncreated. This is one of the hardest yet imperative aspects of knowledge or knowing of the self that is obtainable through the meditation of the 2nd and 3rd key. Once this is obtained a person will find that they can feel the breathe circulating throughout the body and thus increase and decrease circulation within the body. The first sign of this is when you can feel the breath tickling down in the dan tien area this place situated just above the pubic area. A fingers width to be more exact. this tickling sensation will lead to the small of the back up then ascend to the middle of the spine pass through into the chest cavity then ascend to the throat cavity and between the eyebrows and then out the top of the head and a very real sensation of a spout of energy should be coming out of the point in between the eyebrows and the top of the head at the beginning of the hairline. The energy should be pouring out of the head and encircling the body going in through the feet and back to the base point in between the anus and genitals. once this is achieved a practitioner can then start focusing upon the points within the body that are damaged and by using the stillness they have gained through the 2nd and 3rd key meditation the person should be able to increase the blood flow by just being aware of the damaged or dis-eased area once this is capable of being done a couple of sensations may begin. One an aching within the area or a sharp pain letting the person know that the dis-ease acknowledges the intent to heal. A sensation of itching and tingling in that area which is a sign of increased healing within that area. Next there will be a start of physical releases possibly a pop sound in that area a tightening of the muscles and a strengthening in that area or the body gaining its healthy auric glow. Once this is done the person is on their way to gaining full health once again, this person should have a master teacher with them as well as their doctor if the dis-ease is critical. They should also continue this practice as many times a day so that they can obtain full recovery from both the master teachers acknowledgment as well as the doctors acknowledgment. The person should document all synchronizations and go over them with the master teacher. These connect the person to why the dis-ease showed up in the first place as well as the best way to continue healing the gathered negative experience in order so the dis-ease never returns.

TaijiAdept Eric Randolph


  1. Your description of the circulation of chi up the conception channel is erroneous and such a practice will contribute to or even create disease--not cure it.

  2. If this was so then all of my students and all of the people I have helped in describing and formally teaching this would all be terribly sick but my proof is in those I help this is the correct way of doing this.Whether you disagree of how I explained or you understood it is of no consequence.

  3. Sifu Eric RandolphOctober 12, 2011 at 1:22 PM

    It is the Truth of how to cure disease and I can prove it without hesitationand can walk you through it if you need it to be done.

  4. Sifu Eric RandolphOctober 12, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    and sorry for not responding earlier I never saw the response

  5. Sifu Eric RandolphOctober 12, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Everyone I have taught this to has regained their health fully.