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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


There is nothing more important to me than being real to my students and to the rest of the world.It is my obsession to show that Tai Chi is a way of rejuvenation and not just some physical excercise or some barbaric way of totally annihilating an opponent.Through my long time studying of over 20 years I have seen many things both martially and by the way of health and I must say the most awesome is watching people regain their health and regain their lives through the understanding of the path I have helped them to achieve. I have seen peole cure themselves with the tai chi I have taught them of many various mental diseases as well as physical diseases.complete turn arounds so much that you wouldn't recognize the person.Beaming with joy and light from every aspect of their life.Whosoever wants to find true healing can find it in Tai chi and I am one of it's few Masters that can assist in this type of journey. So if you are sick and you need help find me and I will do everything in my capable hands to show you the way to defeating your sickness and you will be amazed. You Will Be Amazed.

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