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Monday, August 16, 2010

A 2nd KEY

The first key was to awaken the perceiver to the necessary but flawed appointment of the mind, which in turn causes the perceiver to then ponder the question. Then what is this source and where is it acquired. Now that you have experienced consciously what the source is not we can move a step closer in defining what the source is. A physical step 

1. Sit anywhere you would like as long as it is comfortable. 
2. Do not force yourself to sit up straight just sit relaxed.( do not force yourself to sit comfortably).
3. Allow your eyes to look forward without focusing upon any one thing.
4. Do not force your eyes to not focus upon any one thing.
5. Place your hands anywhere within your lap comfortably.
6. Take the S shape out of the small of the back just slightly. Just enough so you feel your weight relax into your feet. At this point you should feel rooted and totally connected physically within the body if you do not, keep practicing this sitting method.
7.Remember to just relax as much as possible for now and do not force anything if you cannot sit then stand and do this alignment, though it may be more challenging at times, it is the same.

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