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Monday, August 16, 2010

A 3rd KEY

Once the two previous keys have been implemented fairly well then you should find two other points of physical alignment starting to interplay.

1. The tongue to the top of the mouth as if saying the letter L.
2. The nose being able to be seen while looking forward without a stressed reaction.

These two should naturally happen while the body is adjusting to its original position of acquiesence.

These three keys are the hardest part of beginning when it comes to an adept. The desire and willfulness to not practice the alignment is very strong within the mind, and this is good. Do not practice if you do not feel as if it is not the right time but when you do feel it is the right time then practice with quality even if it be for only 5 minutes. If your thought process says to push through and practice then do that as well all mindsets are important to allow free roam in this experience and should never be hindered in any way. This practice is beyond the need to control the mind for it gave birth to the mind therefore let go of your anxiety to control your thoughts.You may have noticed how we have not given you a place of reference to be at while doing this practice it should not matter where you are when you instill this practice it also might be better for you if you do this in a place that you may find this practice hard to implement. the more difficult to implement the better the place to succeed in, this practice for  this place of challenge is the crucible for the adept and necessary for the solid growth of foundation within this. As you get better at becoming. What you will find is a place of stillness within yourself, how will you know this feel? Because when you come out of it, you will realize that you were not and yet you were aware at the same time.  This is the beginning of the feel of the gulf between the subconsciousness and the consciousness starting to merge. This phenomenon will start to happen. Document what is perceived and do not doubt it or will it away look at it and experience what your really are and watch yourself expand.

Now many of you may have had whispers of this alignment here and there but its not supposed to be a sometime alignment it should be a for all time and at all time alignment. This is the beginning. If there are any questions please email and we will promptly answer questions.

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