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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Misconception of Meditation and Why this is the Meditation for You.

Usually when we think about meditation, we think about escaping. Today I hope to clearly address this type of false meditation technique and why the technique i have described to you within this blog is truly the type of technique you should be using and not the others. The first mindset we have here is in direct conflict with everything we are. 
We try to convince ourselves that we are not the co creator within this experience this present happening within  life.This is good though because you have to set up this type of understanding so that when it fails you.  
 You will have to dissect it and take what is good about this practice and what is not. This type of mindset happens in the journeyman who is without a formal teacher and is searching within  for the answer but hasn't taken the steps of responsibility of understanding that we are the creators of our reality.
  From what clothes we wear, to what food we eat, to what type of family dynamic we have, to what type of work dynamic we have. We get to choose every second of the day how we wish to interact with one another as well as with ourselves.
Most of the time when we use a meditation and certain results fail. we usually throw away the whole meditative process we went through and start completely over. This is the long way of learning if you have started meditation ever and stopped.  
It does not mean the meditation failed it may have been imperfect, but it was not a failure. The factor you even considered meditation as a form of understanding gives you kudos, Instead of going to pills or just ignoring the issue till it's so bad and destructive it manifests all types of disease. 
 if you have ever considered meditation that makes you a winner, even if it was for less than a second.
The fact that you decide to look within to try and take responsibility and to not try to manipulate others, to be able to see that the one who needs to change is you and to hold yourself responsible at any time is phenomenal, in this present moment. 
At any time when we see someone attempting this it brings joy for it takes a lot of emotional and mental maturity just to get here and there are more than enough who turn away from meditation because they feel it has to be a certain way and it does, 
 but not the way most people think. The first meditation experience readies you for responsibility and gets you in touch with your inner self. It may not discover the stillness but it does get you started in the right direction. To not escape but to understand our present reality from within, to become one with the cause so to become one with its effect.

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