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Monday, August 16, 2010

Pittfalls but not

Remember do not try to control the mind, allow it to do as it wills. If you do not then you will become focused upon stilling your thoughts and then you will not achieve the desired affect or you will actually achieve your desired affect and that's not achieving the desired affect.Either way it is all good. You need to know one way to recognize the other.

for example: the thought process is likened unto a sphere of thought, now visualize a sphere, now upon this sphere of thought if you focus on any one thing to intently then that one point is the point that is expressed and experienced fully not the whole sphere of consciousness.

So you must allow the mind to do its play til it decides to rest like a butterfly upon the tip of your finger or a coin being balanced upon its side. You cannot search for this understanding. 
You are the understanding therefore you have to get out of the way, in the way we have written it out for you. Allowing it to settle like cloudy water turned clear. 

If you deviate from it you will find something else entirely and that also is good as well.

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